A Decadent Dairy-Free Treat for Valentine’s Day: Dairy-Free Brownies

When in doubt…chocolate. Although chocolate on Valentine’s Day is a bit predictable, sometime predictability can be a good thing. Usually on Valentine’s Day, I try to think out-of-the-box and spend weeks coming up with the perfect Valentine’s Day dessert for … Continue reading

Lessons 76 – 78: Moving on to chocolate – Chocolate tempering, clusters and truffles

Mod 4 was here, signaling our ¾ mark in the program, we only had 25 more lessons in the classroom and then we were off to our externships. I had been looking forward to this mod from the very beginning, … Continue reading

Lesson 68-69 – Chocolate Ribbon Cake

A chocolate ribbon cake sounds easy enough to create considering we had already been through molded cakes. It is made up of three 6-inch round cake layers of chocolate nut cake, imbibing syrup, mousse, and chocolate plastic. Well, instructions can … Continue reading

Pastry School — Lessons 9, 10 & 11 — it’s all about the eggs

This week is definitely all about eggs! After spending hours in lesson 8 whipping eggs, we finally got to make things out of them in lesson 9. We started out learning all about meringue. I never realized there were 3 … Continue reading