Lessons 91 – 92: Styrofoam Dummy Cake with Chocolate Plastic Rose

Now that we learned all sorts of piping techniques, it was time to learn how to cover a cake! After all, in 2 lessons time we were going to start working on our final wedding cakes and we had yet … Continue reading

Lesson 56 – Petits Fours

We had been warned that this would be one of the toughest classes in the entire curriculum, so I entered lesson 56 with great trepidation. The almond cakes were already baked and filled with raspberry jam and the class was … Continue reading

Lesson 54 – Icing my first cake!

Lesson 54 was one of the scariest lessons to date. I’ve always found the thought of icing a cake to be completely daunting. Nevertheless, I entered this class with an open mind and got to work creating the lemon buttercream … Continue reading