Beginners Veggie and Herb Garden: Day 7

My family think I’m a little bit nuts. Every morning I make my husband come down and check on my sprouts with me as well as send a photo to my mother. In December I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy and I am now sending my mother photos of my sprouts rather than my son. Her response is always, “I’d rather watch your baby sprout…stop sending me these photos!” But alas, I get such a rush coming down each morning and checking on my sprouts that I can’t help but send a photo or two.

When I sowed these seeds I was told to do a bunch of each because all of the cells may not sprout. It seems as though I have the opposite problem now! I planted 5 cells of each veggie and herb, though I had 4 different varieties of tomato, meaning that in total, I had 20 tomato cells. I’m not sure if it’s fortunate or unfortunate, but at this point, all 20 cells have sprouted! The yellow pear tomato sprouts have gotten so tall that I may need to lose the greenhouse cover!

tomato sprouts

A second zucchini cell sprouted and looks so different from the first. The first one that sprouted was just a long white and green strand, however, the second one looks like a zucchini flower! It’s beautiful!

zucchini sprout

The snap peas no longer look so devilish, but instead stand tall in their cells.

snap pea sprouts

Two of the carrot cells have also sprouted!

carrot sprout

Over in the herbs, the basil that I thought was going to push through yesterday, has. All 5 cells!

So in total so far we have sprouted:

  • 5 tarragon cells
  • 5 thyme cells
  • 3 cilantro cells
  • 1 chive cell
  • 5 basil cells
  • 3 snap pea cells
  • 5 yellow grape¬†tomato cells
  • 5 tomato cells
  • 5 cherry tomato cells
  • 5 zebra tomato cells
  • 2 zucchini¬†cell
  • 2 carrot cells

I hope my family is ready to eat their veggies this summer! I also need to figure out exactly how I’m going to plant these. My backyard retains a lot of water and has a tendency to turn into a pond, so perhaps I need to look into building raised beds. Have any of you ever buit one?

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