Beginners Veggie and Herb Garden: Day 5

Well, it’s been 5 days since I sowed my seeds and they’ve been growing like crazy! In addition to the herbs that sprouted yesterday, another 2 thyme cells have sprouted as well as another 2 cilantro cells! Also, we now have 2 snap pea shoots and 3 yellow grape tomato sprouts!

It’s been pretty amazing watching the seedlings grown. So far, all of the thyme, cilantro and tarragon sprouts look identical. They all have very short, skinny stalks with two green circles on the very end. I guess they have to still grow a bit to get their individual characteristics.

Thyme sprouts

On the other hand, the snap pea shoots look distinctively like pea shoots. So different from the herbs with a thick, light green curly tendril.

Snap pea sprouts

The tomato plants have a tall, skinny stalk with a small, flat leaf on the end.

Tomato sprouts

And the zucchini sprout’s pencil-thin stalk seems to just keep getting longer and longer! It is now half white and half green.

Zucchini sprout

When the sprouts come up, they tend to push the dirt up with them, making the cell look like an earthquake hit. There are a couple of cells that look like the dirt is getting pushed up, so hopefully there will be sprouts in them tomorrow morning.

Tarragon sprouts

Snap pea shoots

In all of my hastiness planting my seeds, I forgot to plant any mint! How could that have happened? I’m definitely going to need to rectify that and plant some this weekend!

In total so far we have sprouted:

  • 5 tarragon cells
  • 4 thyme cells
  • 3 cilantro cells
  • 2 snap pea cells
  • 3 yellow grape tomato cells
  • 1 zucchini cell

When I planted all of the seeds, I planted 5 cells of each, assuming that some of them wouldn’t grow…apparently I’m going to be making a lot of desserts with tarragon this summer as all 5 of them have sprouted!

Looking forward to checking on them tomorrow!

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