Beginners Veggie and Herb Garden: Day 16

It’s been 16 days since initially sowing my seeds and they have been growing like crazy. The zucchini sprouts are enormously tall and the yellow squash and sugar snap peas are not far behind.

zucchini, squash and pea sprouts


zucchini sprout

A little surprisingly, all of the tomato plants still look identical. I wonder if they will ever look easily distinguishable from each other or if they will always look the same to my untrained eye.

tomato sprouts

Right now, the mixed pepper leaves are much smaller than the cayenne peppers, but I’m assuming that’s just because they sprouted about a day later.

Sadly, some of the parsley and cilantro sprouts can’t seem to hold themselves up anymore and they have collapsed. I’m hoping it is just a watering issue and made sure to give them each an extra spritz of water today. Hopefully they will perk right back up.

cilantro sprouts

The eggplant finally sprouted, with tendrils that seem to circle around themselves, until they straighten out and look quite similar to the tomato sprouts.

eggplant sprouts

The cantaloupe seeds all sprouted as well. I can’t wait to have garden fresh melon this summer! cantaloupe sprouts

So in total so far we have sprouted:

  • 4 parsley cells
  • 5 sage cell
  • 4 rosemary cell
  • 5 thyme cells
  • 5 cilantro cells
  • 5 tarragon cells
  • 5 oregano cells
  • 5 chive cell
  • 2 lavender cell
  • 5 basil cells
  • 5 cayenne pepper cells
  • 5 yellow grape tomato cells
  • 5 tomato cells
  • 5 cherry tomato cells
  • 5 zebra tomato cells
  • 4 carrot cells
  • 5 snap pea cells
  • 4 yellow squash cells
  • 3 zucchini cells
  • 4 cantaloupe
  • 4 cucumber cells
  • 4 eggplant

The only seeds that we are still waiting for any action on are the mint…a bit surprising to me since mint is supposed to grow like a weed! Well, in that case, maybe it’s better that they haven’t gotten going just quite yet!

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