Lessons 91 – 92: Styrofoam Dummy Cake with Chocolate Plastic Rose

Now that we learned all sorts of piping techniques, it was time to learn how to cover a cake! After all, in 2 lessons time we were going to start working on our final wedding cakes and we had yet to roll out a piece of fondant! We started by covering a styrofoam cake round in marzipan…this was really tough. The marzipan kept drying out and cracking and everyone’s cakes looked pretty wrinkly…you won’t see this girl covering a cake in marzipan again!

Then the next class, we finally got out the fondant and covered the same styrofoam cake round in fondant. Again mine kept cracking and ripping. I think I was rolling it out too thin, but with a lot of perseverance and a ton of Crisco to fix the cracks, the cake was covered! Next we learned how to make fondant ribbons and attached one along the bottom of our cake round. Finally, we finished it all off with chocolate plastic roses, leaves, and curls! By far my favorite part of the cakes! Even though at the end of class we had to flip the rounds over to use the Styrofoam as a base for our gumpaste flowers, I took my rose, leaves, and curls home and hopefully will find a use for them one day!

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