Lessons 42 & 43 – Strudel, Quick Puff Pastry and Phyllo Dough

In lesson 42, we attacked the scary strudel. To make strudel, you make the dough and then stretch it until it is transparent and takes up an entire table! This requires the help of many people and the dough often tears a bit along the way. But do not fear, this happens to everyone and is barely visible in the end result. Look at my photo to see the hole my dough wound up with and I assure you, no one could tell once the strudel was baked.

After finishing our strudels, we moved onto puff pastry and phyllo dough. There are two different kinds of puff pastry, quick and classic. In quick puff pastry, the butter gets mixed into the dough directly and it does not get the same sort of folding that classic does. It is much easier and quicker to make, but you will not wind up with the same sort of laminations that you will get in classic puff. Quick puff is great for small bites, appetizers, tartlettes, etc. But, I’m sorry to tell you that for larger items, you will have to go the old fashioned route and make some classic.

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