Lesson 55 – Icing the Chocolate Cakes

After a fairly successful icing day in lesson 54, I came to lesson 55 ready to decorate. We were going to ice the chocolate cakes we made in the first lesson of this mod and right away I knew I needed my cake to have a Ganache beurre praline filling, a filling made from one-and-a-half parts chocolate, to one-part cream, to half part butter and half part praline paste, so I got to work on that right away. Then I was given two cakes to use, so I didn’t even have to cut it. I had a blast filling the cakes, pouring ganache over them and eventually patting chocolate curls to the outside. Luckily I had hazelnuts on hand because after attaching the curls, a huge crater began appearing on the top of the cake…nothing a few cut hazelnuts couldn’t hide!

I thought I was on a great roll, until our chef-instructor warned us that lesson 56 was going to be the toughest class we had had to date. We would probably all be brought to tears.

Hopefully that won’t be true, but for now, I am incredibly scared.

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