Lesson 54 – Icing my first cake!

Lesson 54 was one of the scariest lessons to date. I’ve always found the thought of icing a cake to be completely daunting. Nevertheless, I entered this class with an open mind and got to work creating the lemon buttercream that I was going to use to ice my lemon-scented white cake.

This was the easy part.

After creating the buttercream, I was given one of the cakes I had created the previous lesson and told to slice this two-inch cake into two cakes horizontally. I was scared out of my mind. How on earth was I going to evenly slice a 2-inch cake, I thought to myself. After shuddering at the cake I finally approached it with my bread knife, got down to eye level with it, and got to work. I placed my left hand above it gently and started to carefully and timidly cut and swirl. I swirled the cake with my left hand while gently cutting into it with my right. I don’t think I let out one breath for what seemed like the eternity of me cutting this cake. But low and behold, my method worked! I had successfully cut my cake in half and was ready to begin filling it with some raspberry jam.

After filling it, I got to icing the sides and top and was surprised at the ease with which I was able to complete the entire cake, even including the large shell piping border. And then I was told I was going to have to write “Happy Birthday” on this cake. I was appalled. I had spent three hours decorating it, had concurred my fears of cutting it, and now I was going to have to ruin it by writing on it. After allowing about fifteen minutes to pass, honestly just hoping I was going to run out the clock, I realized the time had come to write on the cake. Unfortunately, my fears in this department turned out to be correct and my end result came out looking like I had given a five year old a beautiful cake to write on.

Guess I know what part of cake decorating I need to work on.

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