Lesson 39 – Never underestimate the devilish blueberry!

In lesson 39, we finally got to make one of my favorite desserts, pies! Unfortunately, I also learned a sad lesson. Blueberries are the potato of pastry.

Now if you don’t know what that means, essentially, everyone knows that in the culinary world, the potato is the devil. If you get burned while working with potatoes it will really hurt. Well, while whisking together my blueberry filling in a pot, I learned that getting burned by blueberries is the pastry equivalent. I was whisking the blueberries and sugar together and looked over at my recipe to check the next step. As I turned away, some of the juice boiled over and jumped up the whisk and onto my hand. Within seconds, the affected area blew up like a balloon into a huge blister. Luckily, I was working with two great partners who finished up the rest of the pies and I was rendered out of commission for the rest of class.

Oh well, so much for loving pies! Never underestimate the devilish blueberry!


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