Lessons 20-21 – Sorbet, Granita, Bombes and Tulipes

In the next couple of lessons we got back to frozen desserts, tackling sorbet, granita and bombes.  Surprisingly, sorbet is actually made in a very similar way to ice-cream, minus the cream.

In case you don’t know, Granita is a frozen ice with a very small amount of sugar. It is typically put in the freezer and scraped down with a fork every couple of hours so that it becomes made of small ice crystals. Traditionally, granita was made in espresso and lemon flavors, but over time, many other flavors appeared.

Bombes are frozen mousses. They’re made to eat straight out of the freezer and are incredibly delicious. And tulipes are actually thin wafer-like crackers.

I can’t wait for our next subject to tackle – eclairs and cream puffs!

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