Lesson 18 — Ice-cream and Pizelles!

In lesson 18, we got to beat the heat a bit and make ice-cream! I’ve made ice-cream at home before but never in such a huge machine. The process though was fairly similar. Combine milk, cream and sugar and bring to a boil, temper some whisked yolks and add them to the boiling mixture. Then add in your flavoring, cool, and churn! Along the way we also learned some interesting things about ice-cream. For example: if there are eggs in the ice-cream it is considered European style. If there aren’t any eggs, it is Philadelphia style.

Then we made pizelles – thin hazelnut cookies which can be formed into a cone for the ice-cream. I’m not usually such a fan of cones, but these were good. To make them, we combined ground hazelnuts, sugar, flour and baking powder. Then whipped up some eggs with butter and vanilla, added the hazelnuts to the egg mixture and folded in some more flour. This formed a nice dough that we were able to use on a pizelle iron to form discs. We then put these discs around small cups and were able to form them into bowls, or cones.

In total, the class made 6 flavors: peanut butter, chocolate, vanilla, pistachio, cinnamon and praline and we got to have a huge ice-cream party to end the class!

Can you think of a better way to beat the heat?

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