Lesson 17 – Making Custards – Crème Brulee, Flan, and Bread Pudding!

Lessons 17 was one of my favorites so far because we made one of my all time favorite desserts, crème brulee! We started off the class learning all about different custards. Although we think of custards as being desserts, a custard is really just a cooked mixture of eggs and liquid which means that many quiches or other savory pies technically are also custards.

The we got to make crème brulee. It was very easy to make until we got to the part with the blow torch. I never realized how much finesse you needed to have to perfectly crisp the top. You need to put small layers of sugar on top and burn them from quite a distance so that you don’t burn the actual custard. Sadly my custard did burn a bit, but it still tasted great and it was fun doing it for the first time. Hopefully next time will go a bit better.

Then we moved onto bread pudding and flans! Bread puddings have never appealed to me and so up to this class, I had never tried one (probably a good idea now that I see how unhealthy they are! The custard for this had 16 egg yolks + 8 eggs!) but when they came out of the oven, they were absolutely amazing. Although my group made a Chocolate Raspberry one, I definitely liked the original one the best which called for rum and yellow raisins. Such a comforting dessert and definitely perfect for a cold winter day.

Next up, ice-cream and pizelles!

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