Voyage à Paris, partie 2

On our second day in Paris we decided to take a trip to Versailles, but of course had to stop to get food for the one hour train ride and we decided to go to La Boulangerie de papa in the Latin quarter for some Beignets.

Beignet aux framboises
The one I got was filled with raspberry jam, or Beignet aux framboises. In the US I always look at these at being just jelly doughnuts, but even the simplest dessert seems to taste better in Paris. These were awesome!

Later on in the day, we made our way over to Angélina which is located near the Louvre at 226 Rue de Rivoli and is known for having the richest hot chocolate. It did not disappoint! The Notre Special, “l’africain” comes served in a jug for 2 along with 2 teacups and chantilly cream. Although if you come with someone, the two of you will get 1 jug to share, there is no need to be greedy as you will struggle to finish your half.

Hot Chocolate at Cafe Angelina

Along with the hot chocolate we also got their specialty dessert “Mont Blanc” which is a meringue topped with whipped cream and covered in sweet chestnut paste. Boy was that rich! This is definitely a dessert that I would recommend sharing, especially if you’re planning on eating it with the hot chocolate!

Mont Blanc at Cafe Angelina

Since I had just found my new found love of macaroons, we had to order a couple of those as well and settled on pistachio, light caramel, vanilla, and mandarin/passion fruit.

Macaroons at Cafe Angelina

Of all 6 macaroons I had tried to date, the pistachio from Angelina and the raspberry from Laduree were the definite winners!

Have any of you been to Laduree or Cafe Angelina? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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