Anyone been to Nobu?

This week is restaurant week in New York. Every year I look forward to this 2 week period, although now it seems like it goes on for more like 2 months, as a chance to try out some of New York’s finest. Unfortunately, this year every restaurant I was excited for seemed to already be booked up, but since we were already in the mood for a great meal we had to pay up to go somewhere which wasn’t participating in restaurant week.

We settled on Nobu. Both my husband and I had always wanted to go but had never gotten a chance. Overall, I had mixed feelings. The food was all delicious, but the portions were so tiny you need to order 4-5 dishes for 2 people. Of course, each dish is priced between $15 and $30 making the meal get pricey quite quickly.

We decided to just get 4 dishes so that we’d definitely have room for dessert and when the dessert menu came, boy was I glad I did. Everything sounded absolutely fabulous and we were having quite a tough time deciding what to get. We eventually agreed to the Milk Chocolate Yuzu Cake. It consisted of milk chocolate cremoso, yuzu spounge, caramel mousse, and praline crunch with hazelnut gelato. Sounds delicious, right? It was! When it arrived at the table we were both shocked because it was so tiny and red! What part of that dessert sounds red?? Turns out, they spray the yuzu spounge cake with red milk chocolate!

But it was so small! I even told my husband they needed to give us smaller silverware for this dessert because you could have literally eated the whole cake in 1 spoonful!


In a nutshell, Nobu is recommended but only if you’re not that hungry!

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