Christopher Norman Chocolates

christopher-norman-chocolate-box I was recently in Whole Foods and simply could not resist this gorgeous box of Christopher Norman Chocolates. The packaging was so beautiful I was immediately drawn to it.

I raced home and anxiously removed the wrapping to taste the delicious-ness inside. But sadly, and I hate to say this, the chocolates did not hold up to their exterior, they were all rather average. I believe this line is called the Signature Ballotins. I really wanted to love every bite of these, but just couldn’t. From their descriptions, the chocolates in this box all sounded wonderfully exotic, but sadly they all tasted the same and nothing like their individual names.

Maybe it’s something with this particular collection because I’ve had some of their bars before and they were exceptional. Their white chocolate with lemon bar is one of the only white chocolates that I like.

All in all, if I were to pass their store, I would go in and try something, but I probably won’t be buying their packaged chocolates anymore.

Anyone else had any good or bad experiences with their chocolates? I’d love to hear your opinions.

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