“Baked” Spicy Brownie and Brewers Blondie

This past Sunday I got a chance to go to the “Baked” bakery in Brooklyn. I have their cookbook so I was really excited to taste their products directly from them. Everything looked delicious! Their cupcakes were decorated so simply and elegantly, their tarts looked amazing and they had so many different brownies to choose from!

I knew that I was going to have to take mine on the road, so I got a spicy brownie and a brewer’s blondie. I love mexican hot chocolate which is what I was expecting the spicy brownie to taste like. It definitely delivered! The brownie was moist and fudgey with a chili/cinnamon kick.

The blondie was made with brewers malt, chocolate and pecans. It was totally awesome! It was a little more chocolately than I expected, but since I am a huge chocoholic, this was just fine by me! It also had a lingering caramel taste which was great.

Definitely check them out if you’re ever in Brooklyn!

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