The Modern Bar Room at the MoMa

Almost a month ago, I had the pleasure of going to the Modern Restaurant’s Bar Room at the MoMA. The place had been recommended to my sister-in-law from a food critic and so we decided that we absolutely had to go. We had heard that the portions there were pretty small so we decided to go for dessert instead. We got 3 things, the Buttermilk Panna Cotta with Poached Rubarb and Strawberry Sorbet, Hazelnut Dacquoise with milk chocolate chantilly, and Pistachio Dark Chocolate Dome with pistachio ice cream and amaretto gelée. All of the dishes presentations were just gorgeous.


The panna cotta was amazing. Really smooth and creamy and the rubarb and strawberry flavors accompanied it wonderfully. I don’t like my desserts too sweet, so this struck a perfect balance for me.

I didn’t know what a Dacquoise was before we ordered the dish, so when it came we were all a bit surprised. It was basically a thin hazelnut chocolate cake covered in thin sheets of milk chocolate. Delicious!


When the pistachio dark chocolate dome came to the table it looked like it was in a chocolate cave! There were thin sheets of chocolate leaning against it in this cool way. The inside of the dome was full of pistachio ice cream and it looked awesome!

All in all, the desserts were all gorgeous and tasty, but definitely don’t go if you’re too hungry!

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