Ice Cream Cupcakes

It seems like there is a large trend these days to create individually sized desserts rather than larger ones that get cut up. Every other wedding I hear about has cupcakes as opposed to a larger wedding cake. So, I was thinking, wouldn’t it be a great idea in the summer time to create individually sized ice cream cakes, or ice cream cupcakes!

There seem to be a bunch of different takes on this. CakeSpy posted a recipe for ice cream cupcakes, where she subsituted ice cream for milk in the recipe, Ice-ing on the Cake: A different kind of Ice  Cream Cupcake. Cupcake project has a cupcake roundup right now looking for the best ice-cream cupcake here.

What I was thinking about was more on the lines with Cupcake projects idea. Maybe I’ll enter the contest… :)

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