Delicious Apple Turnovers

Last night I made apple turnovers for the first time and they came out really great!

I modified the recipe found on The Repressed Pastry Chef here. I did not make the icing because I thought they were sweet enough to begin with. I also liked eating them warm, rather than the suggested cool. They would be really delicious with some vanilla ice-cream. :)

Here are some photos:

The Filling

The turnovers cooling a bit on a cooling rack

The finish products on a plate

What did I learn from making these?
1. Using sparkling sugar is really fun and pretty!
2. Probably would be better 1/2 the size — especially since I have to do all of my baking in a toaster oven and could only bake 2 at a time.
3. Apple turnovers are dessert-o-licious!

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